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Over the past several years SEO marketing has become a prominent addition to every website. Having a website not optimized to be available for searches is like creating business cards and leaving them in your desk drawer. So next was the task of deciding what keywords would be linked to your site, and finding out what the consumer is searching for. This became the main keywords for your site. As the market has become saturated a version of keywords called longtail keywords has evolved. Basically if you the consumer wanted to find a hair salon he or she would type in “hair salon” into their search engine. How did that work? If they live in Columbus Ohio and the results showed them a hair salon in Florida, that was a non relevent search. So a consumer has also evolved. Now they type in “hair salon in columbus ohio”. What does this mean to a website owner? Less compilation and results that are narrowed down to consumers looking in your market.

In comes Google Places. Most have noticed google has changed the way local search results have been displayed. Googles engine is trying to get the consumer more relevant results. So if they can display “hair salons” that are in the city you are looking for then that is a more relevant result. Google Places results are shown above all the other organic search results. Google has even given us a map to see whom might be closer to where a consumer is looking.

This relevant results is getting you an extremely targeted market depending on the keywords. Google and Yahoo local have become a must in you SEO campaign. Our team at Groupthink has seen this coming over the years. This is a great opportunity for the local business to step up and become noticed.

Internet Marketing  Columbus Ohio

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